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Vinnic Power:The Best Choice for Unlimited Power

by Vinnic Power 17 Jan 2022

Vinnic Power launches industrial-grade 2000wh portable Power Station.


Consumer Electronics products have grown to become an indispensable part of daily life. Demand for electricity has rapidly increased, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, portable mobile devices, electrical equipment required for outdoor work, and even those increasingly popular electric vehicles.

In recent years, as the pandemic continues, living conditions & habits have changed dramatically. Instead of travelling abroad, people are turning into more outdoor activities within the country, such as overlanding, camping & etc...
From a macro perspective, in the era of global carbon neutrality, renewable energy is a major trend in the future. Vinnic, as a battery manufacturer that advocates in green energy, is duty-bound; Vinnic adheres to the concept of "green energy, creating a better environment", and hopes to make a contribution to the earth with its own expertise. Vinnic does its best to reduce carbon emissions. For example, in countries with unstable power supply, large-scale electrical equipment needs to be operated, and renewable energy is used to replace traditional diesel generators as an emergency backup power solution.
With 42 years of experience in mobile power, Vinnic has launched a new series--Vinnic Power to fulfill our "Stayed Power Anytime, Anywhere" motto with our expertise and technology.

Two flagship products are introduced, The PS500W and PS2000W super capacity portable Power Station to meet the needs of today's different needs, Especially the increasing threshold of wild camping and outdoor adventures, or even high power demand in outdoor environments; Vinnic provides an endless supply of renewable energy anywhere! 


Vinnic Power Power Station


The Top-of-the-line battery:LiFeP04 Battery

Vinnic Power Station is built on rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery, state of the art inverter circuit and battery management system (BMS). Unlike general portable backup power solutions, Vinnic Power Station uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), which is recognized as the safest and most environmentally friendly worldwide. LiFePO4 battery has superior chemical and thermal stability, famous for its safety, long cycle life, explosion-proof, higher voltage, good high temperature performance, good density, and large capacity.


Vinnic Power Power Station

In Tesla's third quarter investor report released on October 20, 2021, Tesla will also switch to lithium iron phosphate batteries for its full line of standard range electric vehicles. Vinnic’s two Power Stations feature, 512Wh (PS500W) and 1958Wh (PS2000W) with output of 500W and a maximum output of 1000W. PS2000W output power is 2000W, the maximum output can reach 4000W! Regardless of outdoor travel, outdoor work, natural disaster relief, medical emergency, power outage and other power needs, Vinnic Power Station is definitely your best choice!

Vinnic Power Power Station

Ingenuity & Perfect

Unlike other portable backup power supply solutions, most of which use plastic materials, Vinnic Power Station uses aerospace-grade aluminum alloy as the fuselage material, coupled with an ergonomic integrated fuselage, and the fuselage surface is protected by a military-grade anodizing process, which makes Vinnic Power Station more wear resistance, explosion-proof and higher heat dissipation efficiency, Nonetheless, its appearance is stylish.
Internally, in addition to the use of extremely safe LiFePO4 batteries, the structure is also divided into independent battery compartment and boost circuit silo, the design of the air flow, also allows maximum heat dissipation, to keep the working temperature of the unit lower, increasing its safety level; additionally, the built-in TI wafer BMS circuit management system, provides precise control of overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection. These safety design makes Vinnic Power Station superior to the general backup power supply solution on the market.

Vinnic Power Power Station

Media Coverage

Vinnic Power Station - Media Coverage

Vinnic – Powered by Professionals

Established in 1980, Vinnic (Chung Pak Battery Works Limited) was set up by a group of experts in battery production, and today, Vinnic is one of the major battery manufacturers in Asia. In order to increase quality, efficiency and create environmentally friendly product, Vinnic has invested significantly to the production base with advanced machinery from Japan, Germany and US and also conducts large scale R&D. It offers the brand Vinnic, including 0% Mercury Alkaline Cylindrical Battery Series, 0% Lead Added Zinc Chloride Battery, Primary Button Cell, Lithium Button Cell and Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries. All welcomed by customers from around the world, include but not limited to China, SEA, EU and Africa, and even some world class battery manufacturers are already our stable OEM customers. The maximum production capacity of present facilities is estimated at 3 billion units.


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