Introducing Vinnic Power

Vinnic Power is one of the major battery manufacturers in Hong Kong. Over the years, Vinnic has evolved with the needs of the customer and new technologies. Continuously powering the world with all kinds of batteries—from 0% Mercury Alkaline Cylindrical Battery Series to Lithium Button Cell and Rechargeable Batteries—Vinnic has been universally welcomed by customers.

Wherever You Need
Always Be Ready For Unpredictable Situations

Product Highlights

The compact design and sturdy handle make it ultra-portable. The aluminum alloy case has outstanding performance under different conditions. The intelligent cooling system protects batteries from overheating. The usage of power can be monitored on the LCD screen. It is powered by the LiFePO4 battery which is the safest battery type in the market.

Safer & More Durable

The PS500W & PS2000W are composed of a rechargeable LiFeP04 battery, an inverter circuit, and an advanced battery management system to protect against overcharging overcurrent, short-circuiting, and overheating. It has a longer cycle life, a safer performance, higher discharge ability rate than the mainstream lithium-ion battery. No fuel emissions or carbon monoxide would be produced, customers can use them indoors.

Scope of Application

PS500W & PS2000W are perfect for camping, travel, or anywhere that power is required. With them, there is no need to worry about blackout any longer. You can even use it to charge your electric vehicle for extra 7 miles. Each one owns 4 regular USB ports, 100 W USB-C ports plus 4 wall outlets on the international or American edition, 11 devices can be charged simultaneously. Stay powered anytime anywhere.

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